Hola! Me llamo Amalia Gonzalez but you can call me Lia. I love to Laugh and cry. Sing and Dance. Run, fall and get up. I am a media maker and full time caregiver of my 28 year old sister of Cerebral Palsy. She is my inspiration. My hopes are to one day provide her with everything she needs and wants.

I graduated from Columbia College Chicago in May 2011 with a BA in Television with a concentration in writing and producing. I love to write! I have been writing since the age of eight. I started off by writing poems and eventually lead to short stories and writing for my high school newspaper. In High School I was also part of the Advanced Television Program where I won an Excellence in Television Production Award in 2007.

At Columbia I was a producer/editor at its student run station, Frequency TV where created a series on the 26th Chicago Latino Film Festival that got me nominated for a Midwest Emmy! Here I was also proud founder and president of Students Helping Humanity, a community service and awareness organization.

Today I babysit my sister full-time, take improv at Second City, and Teach Improv to Children with The Laughing Academy in Glenview. All while also looking for a full time job!  #FamilyWoman #MediaMaker #LaugherAtLife #Philanthropist #ProudLatina

Besos, XOXO
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